Chemical and Petrochemical

Case Study: Chemical Tank Insulation (Payback in Just 15 Months!)

The chemical industry is one were insulating storage tanks can be challenging. Not only do they have to insulate huge surface areas of tanks that are 30’ high (or taller), they also have to worry about corrosion that can put the integrity of the tank in danger. Insulating with traditional materials (fiberglass

Chemical Industry Challenges Solved with Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Insulating Paints

When it comes to corrosion, chemical and petrochemical facilities have unique challenges. Chemical plants typically contain a wide variety of corrosive environments where not only moisture, but also a variety of chemicals, are present and create multiple challenges for asset protection. Insulating equipment is often necessary to keep chemicals at a desired

Easy Steps for an Outstanding Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O Demo at Your Company

You’ve just discovered a better way to insulate your ovens and miles of steam pipe for energy savings and to prevent CUI,  and now you’ve got to convince “corporate” that Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O is as great as it looks on paper. This is often a stuck point for many facilities. Their plant

EPX-H2O Coating Provides Powerful Insulating Solutions for Chemical Plants

Chemical plants have unique challenges when it comes to insulating their heat process equipment and storage vessels to save energy. Often the chemical environment degrades older forms of insulation quickly and they won’t stand up to any splash contact with chemicals. Other issues with trying to use fibrous insulation for tanks, kettles,

Outdoor Tank Winter Preparation Tips

Winter weather brings unique challenges for facilities with outside tanks, such as water tanks, heated fuel oil tanks, asphalt tanks, and food processing tanks. The frigid winter temperatures often increase the risk for tank damage and emergency repairs. But this can be avoided if you prepare properly. Insulation is a big part

Upcoming Synavax™ Technical Articles Preview

Synavax’s Sustainability Accelerated™ tagline isn’t just for marketing, it’s a mantra we live by daily. Whether assisting factories with thermal insulation coating applications or being called on to solve difficult issues with process energy use, it’s our goal to help organizations save money, become more sustainable, and do it quickly and affordably.

Make Products More Sustainably with Nano Coatings

We enjoy working with manufacturers of all types of products around the globe that make everything from soft drinks to blue jeans to asphalt for roads. It feels great to help them save energy and thus reduce the carbon footprint of the products they’re creating. Today, we’re going to zero in on