Employee Safety

Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Series: Part 5 | Safe Touch Insulation

Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainability Series Part 5: Reduce Injury Rates By Insulating to Safe Touch In this week’s Sustainability Series by Synavax™ we’re going to focus on another key area that is highlighted in nearly every Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR), which is Employee Health & Safety.  Reducing injury rates and lost time

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1 Osha Penalties Have Just Increased

If you’re in the United States, then you know the importance of compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). They regulate multiple types of employee safety guidelines and fine companies when they find a compliance violation. As of August 2, 2016 new penalties have taken effect for any citation issued by OSHA on and

Effective Boiler Insulation Keeps Your Boiler Energy Efficient and Safe

Boilers, which are the heart of the heat generating process, are a key piece of equipment in factories, hospitals, universities, institutions, and many medium and large buildings. Unfortunately, they can be a challenge to insulate with fiberglass or mineral wool for a number of reasons, including that the size of the boiler doesn’t make it

“It’s getting hot in here!” | Solutions to Beat the Heat and Keep Employees Safe

There are some heat related issues in factories that happen year-round and there are others that become real problems when the heat of summer arrives. Whether you are trying to keep employees from getting burned on hot steam pipes and equipment or are dealing with hot temperatures causing seasonal issues with sweltering working environments or

Snacking with a Purpose! Holiday Snacks Does Employee Safety Right

Making great snacks like plantain chips and cheese balls is something that the Holiday Snacks facility in Trinidad & Tobago does exceptionally well. Their delicious variety of food snacks have been enjoyed by multiple generations. But they haven’t just rested on their fine food accomplishments, they went a step farther to utilize innovative insulation technology

Synavax Increases Global Reach in the Pulp and Paper Industry Through Focused Sustainability Initiative

Synavax, a global leader in nanotechnology based energy saving and protective solutions, increases global reach in the pulp and paper industry through a focused sustainability initiative aimed to assist manufacturers in the U.S. and around the world meet their core sustainability goals by lowering energy use and reducing related carbon emissions, as well as significantly