Mold Resistance

3 Ways That Synavax Coatings Help Reduce Maintenance Costs

Synavax™ coatings save facilities money in energy costs along with several other ways that impact maintenance costs. Here are some examples. Corrosion/CUI Prevention A significant cost in many facilities that use legacy insulation like fiberglass or mineral wool is due to the corrosion that it causes. Moisture easily saturates fibrous insulation and

3 Ways to Cut Costs for Operating Your Building with Synavax Coatings

When you’re operating a building, there is always a balance between cost efficiency and occupant safety and comfort. Costs include everything from ongoing maintenance, to energy used for the heating and cooling system, to installation of safety features like handrails, and there’s a constant prioritization happening between those needs and your budget.

3 Ways Energy Protect™ Can Improve Building Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings have multiple areas where energy can be lost without proper insulation. These include walls, skylights, and ductwork. Each area has its own challenges when it comes to insulating to reduce heat loss Walls are difficult to add traditional insulation to in a retrofit situation, especially if they’re solid brick or

4 Important Reasons to Use Synavax™ Mold Resistant Insulation Coatings

Mold can grow almost anywhere there is moisture and organic material, such as in soil, on foods and plants, and in people's homes and work environments. It can cause a variety of costly problems ranging from continual cleaning to keep a roof looking good to the need for remediation of mold in

5 Ways to Reduce Costs with Synavax™ Coatings

Lowering costs is at the top of just about every facility manager’s list. When making decisions for improving energy efficiency and reducing waste, the goal is generally to do more and save more at the same time. Synavax™ coatings are uniquely suited to cost savings in a variety of areas in a

Clearing Up Thermal Insulation Coating Misconceptions

When our patented thermal insulation coatings first came on the market in early 2004, they disrupted conventional thinking about how to insulate. No longer did facilities have to suffer from corrosion under insulation (CUI) or use insulation that harbored dirt, dust, and mold. Thermal insulation coatings offer a whole new way to

Coatings that Protect and Preserve History | Historical Preservation Coatings

LeadX™ is the safe & trusted choice for major lead remediation and rehabilitation projects ranging from historical and commercial renovations to government bases. We happen to have some history buffs on our Synavax™ team, so you can imagine how happy it makes us when we get the opportunity to work on a

Safe Thermal Insulation for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

One of the industries that we work with often on their energy saving initiatives is food and beverage manufacturing. Because of the sanitary measures unique to their industry, they can’t just insulate with any type of insulation material. They have a variety of requirements, such as: Materials that are safe for incidental

Easy Building Surface Protection with Clear Coat Superstars

Most of our fans know all about the energy efficiency of Synavax™ technology for equipment and buildings. But these coatings are not only award-winning, they’re  Superstars when it comes to building surface protection. Mold, lead, moisture, and UV all cause serious building issues that mean high maintenance and repair or remediation expense.