Pipe Insulation

Tips for Preparing Your Facility for the Winter Chill (Icephobic Coatings & More!)

When the freezing weather hits, it can put a chill on facility operations. Fluids in non-insulated lines or tanks can freeze, ice build up can cause corrosion pitting and personnel safety concerns, and small parts can freeze up and corrode. The good news is that there is generally plenty of time to

Improve Facility Efficiency & Worker Productivity by Insulating Exhaust Ducts

One area of heat process equipment that tends to go uninsulated are the large industrial exhaust ducts that are used to expel excess heat from industrial ovens, extruders, boilers, and other processing activities. Because the heat is being removed from the process and expelled elsewhere (usually outside), there’s a belief that the

5 Smart Ways to Proactively Reduce Factory Downtime

When production comes to a halt it’s one of the biggest “Red Alerts” in any factory.  When a plant is experiencing downtime it means orders aren’t being filled and staff are idle waiting on the problem to get corrected.  And each minute that production is down, costs are skyrocketing. The average manufacturer

Chemical Industry Challenges Solved with Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Insulating Paints

When it comes to corrosion, chemical and petrochemical facilities have unique challenges. Chemical plants typically contain a wide variety of corrosive environments where not only moisture, but also a variety of chemicals, are present and create multiple challenges for asset protection. Insulating equipment is often necessary to keep chemicals at a desired

Thermal Insulation Paint: Revolutionizing Insulation as We Know It

While we all get excited about the newest electronic gadgets and smart phones, one product that might not be quite as flashy, but has enormous potential impact on energy efficiency, personnel safety, and surface protection is thermal insulating paints. Paint-on insulation revolutionizes the whole idea of what an insulation is and what

Improve Hot Working Conditions in Factories by Insulating Equipment

Each summer, thousands of factories around the world face the same issue… trying to keep the working environment cool to protect their personnel and avoid heat-related health problems. They seek ways to improve hot working conditions in factories by insulating equipment with something that will last and be effective over the long-term.

Easy Steps for an Outstanding Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O Demo at Your Company

You’ve just discovered a better way to insulate your ovens and miles of steam pipe for energy savings and to prevent CUI,  and now you’ve got to convince “corporate” that Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O is as great as it looks on paper. This is often a stuck point for many facilities. Their plant

5 Ways to Reduce Costs with Synavax™ Coatings

Lowering costs is at the top of just about every facility manager’s list. When making decisions for improving energy efficiency and reducing waste, the goal is generally to do more and save more at the same time. Synavax™ coatings are uniquely suited to cost savings in a variety of areas in a

Make Products More Sustainably with Nano Coatings

We enjoy working with manufacturers of all types of products around the globe that make everything from soft drinks to blue jeans to asphalt for roads. It feels great to help them save energy and thus reduce the carbon footprint of the products they’re creating. Today, we’re going to zero in on