3 Ways to Cut Costs for Operating Your Building with Synavax Coatings

When you’re operating a building, there is always a balance between cost efficiency and occupant safety and comfort. Costs include everything from ongoing maintenance, to energy used for the heating and cooling system, to installation of safety features like handrails, and there’s a constant prioritization happening between those needs and your budget.

3 Ways Energy Protect™ Can Improve Building Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings have multiple areas where energy can be lost without proper insulation. These include walls, skylights, and ductwork. Each area has its own challenges when it comes to insulating to reduce heat loss Walls are difficult to add traditional insulation to in a retrofit situation, especially if they’re solid brick or

Tips to Lower Heating Bills with Energy Protect Insulation Coating

In many areas, the chill of autumn has already begun, with temperatures dropping close to freezing overnight then shooting back up during midday. This the perfect time to prepare your home or building for the cold months of winter and lock in lower heating costs before the really cold temperatures hit. The

Building Hot Spots and How to Insulate Them Better

Much of a building’s energy use is related to “hot spot” areas where heat transfer occurs because they aren't properly insulated. When you’ve got poorly insulated areas in a building envelope it means higher heating bills in the winter as heat escapes the building, and higher cooling bills in the summer as

Easy Condensation and Moisture Mitigation Solutions

Condensation is an issue that causes major problems for multiple industries. Water dripping from overhead ducts, pipes, or skylights or freezing on exterior surfaces, like windmill blades, costs time and money. Buildings can also have major mold issues when condensation collects on walls and ceilings. Moisture mitigation is one area where Synavax™

Keep the Heat from Streaming Through Your Windows & Skylights

Phoenix, Arizona is projected to have a high today of 119F (48.3C), Death Valley, CA is clocking in at 121F (49C), and “hot spot” Ejido Nuevo Leon, Mexico a high of 121.46F (49.7C) … and it’s just the second official day of summer! Now is the time that our phones start ringing

Let’s Solve Some Skylight Problems! | Sustainable Skylight Insulation

Skylights have long been a great way to add the beauty of natural light into a building. They can transform spaces from dark and confined to a beautiful connection between architecture and nature. LEED even includes a special energy saving points category for daylighting, which is traditionally done through use of skylights, by awarding points

Daylighting without the Glaring Issues Thanks to Nanotechnology

Skylights, which provide the ability to bring daylight into a building, have been used as far back as Ancient Rome, with open skylights being used in the Pantheon. Today’s modern “closed” skylights have been used since the Industrial Revolution, and incorporate glass or plexiglass to bring a bit of the outdoors and natural light inside