Sustainable Buildings

LeadX™ Lead Encapsulation Coatings are the #1 Lead Remediation Solution

For many shopping centers that are being shuttered and repurposed at exponential rates due to the ever encroaching online megastores, and cities (such as Detroit) that are putting the rewards of the economic boom back into city redevelopment of their neighborhoods, lead remediation projects are a necessary building block to the future

3 Ways to Cut Costs for Operating Your Building with Synavax Coatings

When you’re operating a building, there is always a balance between cost efficiency and occupant safety and comfort. Costs include everything from ongoing maintenance, to energy used for the heating and cooling system, to installation of safety features like handrails, and there’s a constant prioritization happening between those needs and your budget.

Improve Facility Efficiency & Worker Productivity by Insulating Exhaust Ducts

One area of heat process equipment that tends to go uninsulated are the large industrial exhaust ducts that are used to expel excess heat from industrial ovens, extruders, boilers, and other processing activities. Because the heat is being removed from the process and expelled elsewhere (usually outside), there’s a belief that the

Three Great Ways to Keep Metal Buildings Cooler

When the summer sun hits, metal buildings can heat up fast and make working conditions inside pretty unbearable. Metal is an excellent conductor of heat, so when the temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, a metal building can easily heat up past the 100 degree mark without proper HVAC. And even with

Incorporate Thermal Insulation and Protective Coatings into Your Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Many companies have corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that have far reaching positive impacts. They’re designed to do things such as: Reduce energy consumption Lower carbon emissions Improve employee health and safety Employ sustainable packaging Reduce excess waste Lower water use In a nutshell, companies commit to running their

3 Ways Energy Protect™ Can Improve Building Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings have multiple areas where energy can be lost without proper insulation. These include walls, skylights, and ductwork. Each area has its own challenges when it comes to insulating to reduce heat loss Walls are difficult to add traditional insulation to in a retrofit situation, especially if they’re solid brick or

Tips for Painting Over Lead Paint | Can You Safely Paint Over Lead Paint?

When you have a lead paint hazard in a home or commercial building, one of the first questions asked is, “Can you paint over lead paint to make it safe?” The short answer is yes, but with a big caveat that it needs to be done right. There are several factors that

The Benefits of Using Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Insulation

When you’re trying to improve energy efficiency and safety in your facility, whether that’s a factory or commercial building, you don’t want the materials you use to cause additional issues. That’s why keeping in mind the toxicity and flammability of an insulation is important to avoiding unintended liabilities down the road. One

Lead Encapsulation for Any Substrate (Wood, Metal, Concrete, Lead Paint, Brick & More)

When large commercial projects are being remediated for lead, there’s often more than just a single surface type to cover. And if contractors aren’t using the right lead encapsulation solution, that means they may have to purchase primers for corrosion or different coatings for different surface types. What they really want is