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Synavax™ Case Study – Steam Pipe Insulated to Safe Touch

This Flir video shows how Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating insulated this steam pipe to a safe touch temperature. The uncoated pipe is greater than 120C (248F) — It’s actually 138C (280.4F). The EPX coated surface drops to approximately 50C (122F) with just 6-coats (thickness of only 1.5 mm).

Synavax™ Hydrophobic Coatings – Coated on Top Half

All our coatings are water-repellent, yet breathable. See the dramatic difference when water is poured over the coated (top) versus uncoated (bottom) of the roof tile.

Effective Boiler Insulation with EPX-H20 Insulation Coating

See how easy Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O industrial thermal insulation coating is to apply in this video. Suitable for boilers, steam pipes, and so much more!

Energy Efficient Boilers with Heat Shield™ EPX-H20

If you have just 15 minutes, you can learn all about our Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O in this pre-recorded webinar video. Learn about the dramatic temperature reduction, application tips, and more.

Synavax™ Water Drop Demonstration

It’s easy to see the effectiveness of Synavax™ patented nanotechnology based thin film insulation coatings. Watch the demonstration which is with just three thin coats of our Heat Shield™ High Heat Coating that gives a 31 degrees F (17 degrees C) reduction.

Synavax™ 21st Century Insulation Coatings Comparison

Why are 21st century insulation options for buildings and factories more cost effective and offer better payback? Just take a look. Seeing is believing.

Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O Premiere Kit

Make your application even easier and save money too! Order our Premiere Kit and get 2-gallons of Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O, plus the Wagner Power Tex texture sprayer for simple application.

Healthy House Paint™ Application

Lowering home heating and cooling costs is as easy as painting. See this short video of an attic application with zero voc, energy saving, Healthy House Paint™.