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The annual global cost of corrosion is $2.5 trillion, equivalent to roughly 3.4% of the world’s gross domestic product, according to a study by NACE International. Implementing corrosion prevention best practices could result in global savings of 15-35% of that cost, or $375-$875 billion.

Source: IEEE GlobalSpec

Synavax™ Amazing Corrosion and CUI Solutions

Your Insulation CAN Stop Corrosion!

Our Team has walked through many factories that are struggling with soggy insulation wraps falling off pipes and tanks, only to reveal the corrosion  that the old insulation has caused. Most simple rust protectors don’t last long, and can’t stop the corrosion under insulation caused by older wrap style insulation. Synavax™ coatings solve the issue of corrosion under insulation (CUI)

  1. Just Spray Our Coatings On
  2. Insulate Pipes, Tanks, and Structures
  3. They’re Protected From Corrosion Too!

That’s the power of nanotechnology!

That’s the power of Synavax™ dual technology insulation coatings!

Testing Shows Superior Anti-Corrosion

We don’t just expect you to take our word for it, Synavax™ thermal insulation coatings have been tested to the most rigorous corrosion prevention standards using cyclical salt spray and temperature flux testing methods. Here’s what you can expect:

All Synavax™ Heat Shield™ translucent coatings:

  • Passed 24-cycles (8-cycles is minimum passing) of the GM9540P salt spray corrosion test. No rust present.
  • Passed the BP (British Petroleum Standard) for Resistance to CUI, a 100 day cyclical salt spray test. No rust, no disbondment, no flaking.

Heat Shield™ EPX-H20:

  • Passed the popular ASTM B117 Salt Spray Corrosion Test at 750 hours with an Excellent rating.

Extraordinary Protection | Best Pipe Insulation & Steam Pipe Insulation that Prevent Corrosion. Brilliant!

Synavax™ pipe insulation and steam pipe insulation technology is the top choice for multiple hot pipe insulation and liquid pipe insulation wrap projects around the world. Our patented Heat Shield™ coating technology has solved the century old problem of corrosion under insulation (CUI) by both insulating and preventing corrosion with a single product. Our coatings give you an all-in-one industrial pipe insulation system with a single product. Our pipe insulation coatings are meant to stand up to the harshest offshore and onshore environments, so you know that your piping and pipeline assets will be insulated and protected with a liquid wrap solution that will last for years to come. We’ve got you covered!

Heat Shield EPX4-H2O for tank insulation, pipe insulation and more
  • Customers typically report payback within 6-18months.

  • Fast cure lowers temperature in only 1-2 hours.

  • Energy saving tank insulation that stops CUI.

  • Splash resistant to acids, bases, and fuels.

  • Easy to apply with a texture sprayer while equipment is in service.

  • Earth friendly, sustainable, water-based, low VOC, and non-toxic.

Average Reported Energy Savings 20% or higher!


  • Thermal Insulation

  • Energy Savings

  • Corrosion Prevention

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Safe Touch Solution

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • No Shut Down Time

  • Tough & Durable

  • Easy to Apply

  • Best Liquid Pipe Insulation Wrap

  • Use up to 400F/204C


  • Steam Pipe Insulation

  • Condensate Pipe Insulation

  • Hot Water Pipes

  • Chemical Facility Pipes

  • Offshore Pipelines

  • Hot Pipe Insulation

  • Cold Pipe Insulation

  • Commercial Pipe Insulation

  • Thermal Pipe Insulation

  • Liquid Pipe Wrap Around

  • Easy Liquid Pipe Wrap

  • Heat Exchanger Piping

  • Thermal Pipe Insulation Wrap

  • Other Hot and Cold Process Equipment

Synavax™ Award Winning Pipe Insulation Technology

For over a decade, Synavax™ has served the industrial insulation, energy saving, and asset protection needs of multiple industries around the world, including pulp and paper manufacturing, food and beverage manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, oil and gas, textile manufacturing and many others.

Our pipe insulation coatings are designed for the harshest outdoor and offshore environments, such as those experienced by our customer Sinopec on their offshore fuel oil storage tanks, black liquor tanks in pulp and paper mills like those of Weyerhaeuser, and food safe environments, like those of client Grupo Modelo (maker of Corona Beer). Our customers choose Synavax™ industrial coating solutions because of the superior combined energy savings and asset protection benefits.

When you buy pipe insulation most people think they need to use a pipe insulation thickness chart, but not with Synavax™ thin film for insulation of pipes. It beats all other pipe insulation types in longevity and durability – lasting 5 – 10 years or more and stands up to the humid and harsh environments with out degrading or losing performance. You don’t need to measure 10 mils pipe wrap tape or 3m pipe wrap tape because no tape or cladding are needed to keep this liquid commercial pipe insulation wrap in place, you just spray it on… Easy and effective!

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing
  • Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Plastic/Rubber Manufacturing
  • Tire Manufacturing
  • Military/Defense
  • Consumer Products Manufacturers
  • And many more!
  • Steam Pipes
  • Condensate Pipes
  • Hot Water Pipes
  • Cold Water Pipes
  • Food and Beverage Processing Pipes
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Pulp and Paper Processing Pipes
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Pipes
  • Biofuel Pipelines
  • Chemical Piping
  • Steam Pipe Insulation Wrap
  • Multi-Temperature Pipe Wraps
  • Industrial Pipe Insulation Wrap
  • And many more!

Stop Pinhole Leaks | Cost Saving Steam Pipe Insulation

Most people understand the energy saving benefits of steam pipe insulation coatings pretty clearly. They are sprayed onto steam pipes, boilers, tanks and other surfaces to reduce heat loss and save energy. For example, Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O by Synavax™ can lower surface temperatures dramatically, over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with just two thin coats, and has been demonstrated to reduce the surface temperature from 393F to 231F, a 162F difference, with just 6-coats.

But there is another huge savings opportunity that’s not always as evident… Pinhole Leaks Can Cost More Than You Know! When a pinhole leak happens beneath traditional fiberglass steam pipe insulation or mineral wool with cladding, it can take days, weeks or more before it is noticed. Being hidden under this older insulation system means that the leak can remain undetected as the steam saturates the surrounding insulation, growing larger until finally discovered, then the whole insulation system has to be taken off and replaced while you try to find and repair it.

With Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O or Heat Shield™ High Heat the insulation doubles as an anticorrosive, so the coatings prevent the corrosion in the first place. In the unlikely event that there is a pinhole leak in the future, the whole steam pipe insulation system doesn’t have to be taken off and replaced. The steam will penetrate through the coating at the exact location of the leak and you can simply sand, grind or use a chemical remover on approximately a 3” to 4” circle around the leak, repair the leak, then just coat back over it when finished. Much easier and less costly. 

How much are those pinhole corrosion leaks costing you? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a leak that is just 1/4” could cost you $1,630 per month. (see chart)

Steam Pipe Insulation Cost of Pinhole Leaks

Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O – Pipe Insulation Product Details

Heat Shield™ EPXH2O is our #1 high temperature industrial protective pipe insulation coating. It is proven to solve the most difficult energy efficiency, corrosion, CUI, and safe touch problems with piping and pipelines of factories and industries. Using Synavax™ technology as a liquid pipe insulation wrap gives you peace of mind for 10-years or more knowing your pipes and pipelines will be insulated and protected from corrosion and weathering. Read more about this powerful, energy saving, and easy to use thermal barrier coating below.

Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O is a complete insulation system for pipes and tanks and can provide 100% insulation coverage of all odd-shaped configurations. This next generation pipe and tank insulation has you covered for all types of directives – energy savings, safe touch for employee safety, heat radiation reduction, and asset protection from chemicals and corrosion. Don’t leave uninsulated areas in your pipe and tank insulation system that will lead to heat and energy loss. Instead use an easy spray-on solution that can coat, protect, and insulate your entire tank and pipe system, including valves, boilers, heat exchangers, piping, and more.

Case Study #1

This Factory Saved $460,000/year in Energy Costs

Solid Energy Saving Results!

Textile manufacturer Henateks, who makes apparel for Nike, Adidas, and Tommy Hilfiger, insulated their boiler, dyeing machines and steam pipes with Synavax™ coatings.

Project Cost: $200,000

Annual Savings: $460,000

Case Study #2

This Factory Saved $18,000/year in Energy Costs

Payback In Just 5 Months!

With over 30% savings on energy costs from insulating their heat process equipment, this manufacturer was thrilled to get a payback from insulating with Synavax™ Coatings in just 5 months.

Project Cost: $7,500

Annual Savings: $18,000

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Looking for Our #1 Industrial Insulation Paint?

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A 2-part coating with a grey or white (tintable), pebbled finish that’s fast cure and is abrasion and chemical resistant. This is one tough insulation coating!

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Need a Smooth Finish Solution for 400F/204C?

Order Heat Shield™ High Heat

A thinner 1-part coating with a smooth, matte finish. More coats are typically needed than for EPX-H2O, but it will give you a smooth option when you need it. Dries clear over surfaces below 170F and opaque over hotter surfaces.

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Platinum Level Fee-Based Selections

You may rent a Dry Film Thickness (DFT) meter to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for your application.
We can provide on-site training for your team. Alternatively, we offer the option to assemble key personnel from various multi-national regions for global rollouts. Once leading company completed a world-wide adoption in 35 factories and 26 countries with in-house personnel in one year. Their bold actions produced bold results! Dream big!
We can provide you with your customized specification, product and the installation with a Professional Contractor. All you need to do is choose your installation date and we will handle the rest.  It’s that simple!

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