Ceiling Insulation

Residential Insulation Michigan

Michigan Residential Insulation Looking for an alternate way to insulate 2nd story of house that has no forced heat, only gravity heat. - Customer Quote - "I just wanted to write and thank you for recommending the HomeProtect™ coating for the second story of my home. As you recall our 2nd story has

New York Bungalow – Attic Insulation

New York Bungalow Residential Application - Attic Insulation Looking for an alternate form of ceiling and attic insulation to increase cubic space in ceiling - Customer Quote - "I recently re-roofed my bungalow style house and added a skylight, ridge vents and soffit vents for a good ventilating air flow from the

Sherman Texas – Home Insulation – Interior Walls and Attic

Residential Application - Sherman, TX - Home Insulation Traditional insulation on a new home had projected electric costs at $450. Homeowner was looking to lower this expected cost with Synavax™ home insulation coating. This new 4500 square foot home in Sherman, Texas was completed early in 2007. The architect projected a $450 monthly

Residential Insulation United Kingdom

United Kingdom Residential Insulation Heat loss through uninsulated walls and ceiling of work cabin. From blog of customer: Nigel Burkin, shared with his permission. ISSUE: We are leaking heat to atmosphere like a sieve, over a considerable area of roof. Furthermore, the layout cabin has no roof insulation to speak of. I

Southfield, Michigan – 2nd Story Ceiling Insulation

Southfield, Michigan - 2nd Story Ceiling Insulation Ceiling insulation & hot water heater insulation for home energy savings after a successful application at Arden Companies. - Customer Quote - "On an 1800 s.f. second story ceiling immediately below the attic - also along the borders of north-facing windows. NOW earlier this summer

Seligman, MO Easy DIY Insulation

Seligman, MO Easy DIY Insulation Home energy savings. Lower heating and cooling costs. Easy DIY Insulation. - Customer Quote - "FYI I am in the end stages of building a 4000 sq ft house which is why I stumbled on Energy Protect™ in the first place. When I saw the possibilities, I knew

Model Railway Enthusiast | Wood Panel Insulation

Model Railway Enthusiast | Wood Panel Insulation Wood panel insulation - Effectively insulate and protect a wooden garden room that houses a model railway system “In Early 2014 I purchased a gallon of HomeProtect™ clear to insulate a wooden garden room, which was built to house a model railway system. Prior to

Lafayette, Louisiana – Animal Shelter Insulation

Lafayette, Louisiana - Animal Shelter Insulation Animal Shelter Insulation to Reduce Internal Temperatures and Keep Humans and Animals Cooler Problem Needed an easy way to insulate a building to keep temperatures down and keep building cooler for a local animal shelter. Solution Patented Synavax™ insulation coatings were used by the Lafayette Animal Control Center to

Seoul, South Korea – Hyundai Corporate Housing Insulation

Seoul, South Korea - Hyundai Corporate Housing Condensation Reduction and Mold Resistance Problem Having an issue on lower levels with condensation build up, leading to mold issues which could cause sick building syndrome. Solution These luxury apartments owned by Hyundai had an issue with condensation on the lower levels, and also needed an

Fairbanks, Alaska – Metal Building Insulation

Alaska Warehouse | Metal Building Insulation Metal Building Insulation Need Commercial Metal Building Insulation that would work well in the harsh frigid Alaskan climate. Solution Mr. Sherman applied Energy Protect™ on the interior building envelope of his 1250 S.F. commercial warehouse with 16 foot ceilings. The coating was installed at 3 coats (approx. dry