Food and Beverage Manufacturer

Frontier Produce – Insulate Refrigerated Van

Frontier Produce- Insulate Refrigerated Van Insulate refrigerated van to become more fuel efficient and reduce load on the A/C unit. Frontier Produce in Tulsa, Oklahoma wanted to reduce the fuel used to cool the back of their delivery van and increase gas mileage of their vehicle. Energy Protect™ was used to insulate

UniPro, Turkey – Steam Pipe Insulation

UniPro, Turkey - Steam Pipe Insulation Reduced Steam Pipe Surface Temperature By 80c (144F) Problem Customer was looking for a way to insulate and protect against corrosion on steam pipes and multiple heat process surface areas. Solution Heat Shield™ High Heat was used as a primer beneath a 2.5 to 3mm application of

Dairy Tank Insulation and Energy Savings

UltraSpin, Australia - Dairy Tank Insulation Improved butterfat melting consistency and reduced surface to safe touch. Problem Insulate butterfat melting tank to reduce tank surface temperature to safe to touch and to reduce heat loss. Solution Heat Shield™ Translucent PT was used at a three coat coverage on the exterior of the stainless

Holiday Snacks Ltd. – Food Manufacturer

Holiday Snacks Ltd., Trinidad - Food Manufacturing Safe Touch Reduced oven, duct and fryer surface temperatures by 27F to 48.6F for safe touch, and lowered food manufacturing energy consumption. Problem Caribbean snack food manufacturer, Holiday Snacks needed to reduce hot surface temperatures for worker safety and also wanted to find an insulation that would

Blue Line Brewery – Beverage Manufacturer

Blue Line Brewery, New York, USA - Microbrewery Energy Savings Increased production by 30%, equating to $400 additional wholesale revenue per day. Problem Reducing heat loss and time to bring and maintain beer at a rolling boil. Looking for a way to brew beer more sustainably Solution "The Boil Kettle insulated with Heat

Grupo Modelo – Beverage Manufacturing

Grupo Modelo, Guadalajara, Mexico - Steam Pipe Insulation Reduction of energy consumption with steam pipe insulation and reduced surface temperature by 36 degrees F   Problem Grupo Modelo needed steam pipe insulation at their Guadalajara, Mexico facility to insulate, reduce surface temperature, and protect equipment from corrosion and moisture. Solution Heat Shield™ High Heat

Illovo Sugar – Food Manufacturing

Illovo Sugar, South Africa - Equipment Insulation Reduced exterior temperature of their diffuser by 30C-35C / 54F-63F. Problem Illovo Sugar Limited is the largest listed sugar and alcohol manufacturer in Africa. They were looking for a solution for insulation of their Diffusers. They have had an ongoing initiative for energy efficiency and continue

Int’l Soft Drink MFG – Energy Savings

Soft Drink Manufacturer, Europe - Bottle Washing Machine Insulation Bottle washing machine insulation coating saved 398.52 MMBTU/year with payback in 13 months, and estimated GHG reduction of 2.1 metric tons/yr. Problem Save energy on the heat process of a bottle washing machine, and other equipment, where fibrous insulation cannot be used Solution An innovative