Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O

Aluminum Manufacturer Review | Industrial Oven Insulation

Insulation of Extrusion & Fabrication Ovens at Aluminum Manufacturer | USA COMPANY TYPE Aluminum Manufacturer (Company Confidential) ISSUE: Heat loss from two large ovens, a fabrication oven and extrusion oven. SOLUTION: Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating 3- coat application RESULTS: 3,059 MMBtu/year estimated energy savings $8,700 USD/year estimated

Chemical Manufacturer Review | Sulfur Tank Insulation

Sulfur Tank Insulation at Chemical Manufacturing Plant | USA COMPANY TYPE Chemical Manufacturer (Company Confidential) ISSUE: They needed to insulate a large sulfur tank efficiently, while also preventing corrosion/CUI SOLUTION: Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating 8- coat application + 2 coats of Energy Protect™ for UV resistance RESULTS:

Municipality Review | Heat Control for Water Reclamation Pipes

Insulation of Exhaust Pipes in Water Reclamation Facility | City of Cocoa, FL COMPANY TYPE Municipality, City of Cocoa, FL, Water Reclamation Facility ISSUE: They had a problem with exhaust pipes radiating heat and making the environment in the building too hot for personnel. SOLUTION: Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation

South Africa Energy Management | Insulate Boiler for Worker Safety

Boiler Insulation to Safe Touch - South Africa Boiler Insulation | Surface Temperature Reduced by -88.7C (-159.7F) Problem An energy management company needed a good solution for their clients for boiler and steam equipment insulation that would lower surfaces for worker safety and save energy at the same time. Solution During a

South Africa Paper Mill – Steam Pipe to Safe Touch Temperature

  South Africa Paper Mill Steam Pipe to Safe Touch Temperature Surface Temperature Lowered by -158.4F (-88C) for Personnel Safety Problem Needed a durable insulation for steam pipes running at 280.4F (132C) for personnel safety. Solution When it comes to choosing the best insulation for your facility, the proof is always in

Hospital Boiler Insulation | Heat Shield EPX-H20 Insulation Coating

Hospital Boiler Insulation | Heat Shield EPX-H20 Insulation Coating Lowered surface temperature by 94F (52.2C), estimated calculated energy savings of 241.06 BTU/hr.ft2. Problem Boiler insulation for a large hospital in the southeastern United States. They had a need for insulation that could be applied easily for energy savings and would be long lasting. Solution

Paper Manufacturer | Boiler Insulation

Paper Manufacturer | Boiler Insulation Problem A large paper manufacturer was looking for a solution for safe touch and insulation of their boilers. They needed a boiler insulation that would significantly reduce surface temperature and could be applied while equipment was in service. Solution During a recent boiler trial at a large paper mill, we

UniPro, Turkey – Steam Pipe Insulation

UniPro, Turkey - Steam Pipe Insulation Reduced Steam Pipe Surface Temperature By 80c (144F) Problem Customer was looking for a way to insulate and protect against corrosion on steam pipes and multiple heat process surface areas. Solution Heat Shield™ High Heat was used as a primer beneath a 2.5 to 3mm application of

Turkish Textile Manufacturing Energy Savings

Turkish Textile Manufacturer - 30% Energy Savings/5 Months ROI Reduced process energy consumption between 30%-50% with ROI in 5 months. Problem Increase energy efficiency in textile manufacturing facility and lower excess heat into the environment for personnel safety. Solution This case study illustrates the benefits that yet another textile manufacturer (name withheld by

Blue Line Brewery – Beverage Manufacturer

Blue Line Brewery, New York, USA - Microbrewery Energy Savings Increased production by 30%, equating to $400 additional wholesale revenue per day. Problem Reducing heat loss and time to bring and maintain beer at a rolling boil. Looking for a way to brew beer more sustainably Solution "The Boil Kettle insulated with Heat