Metal Buildings

Lafayette, Louisiana – Animal Shelter Insulation

Lafayette, Louisiana - Animal Shelter Insulation Animal Shelter Insulation to Reduce Internal Temperatures and Keep Humans and Animals Cooler Problem Needed an easy way to insulate a building to keep temperatures down and keep building cooler for a local animal shelter. Solution Patented Synavax™ insulation coatings were used by the Lafayette Animal Control Center to

Fairbanks, Alaska – Metal Building Insulation

Alaska Warehouse | Metal Building Insulation Metal Building Insulation Need Commercial Metal Building Insulation that would work well in the harsh frigid Alaskan climate. Solution Mr. Sherman applied Energy Protect™ on the interior building envelope of his 1250 S.F. commercial warehouse with 16 foot ceilings. The coating was installed at 3 coats (approx. dry

School – Stay Clean Metal Roof

Florida School - Stay Clean & Energy Efficient Metal Roof Roof stayed clean and free from mold and mildew reducing maintenance costs. Problem This Florida school needed a way to keep their white metal roof clean from mold/mildew to reduce maintenance costs, while also enhancing the energy efficiency to lower cooling costs. Solution

Horse Trailer Insulation – All Weather Insulation

Horse Trailer, Mammoth Spring, AR - All Weather Insulation for Comfort Easy do-it-yourself insulation to keep horse trailer dressing room more comfortable. Problem Need to insulate dressing room in horse trailer that gets too hot or cold for comfort. Solution Heat Shield™ Translucent PT was used to coat the interior sides and ceiling

Manufacturer – Metal Wall Insulation

Manufacturer, Mexico - Metal Wall Heat Reduction Heat Shield™ Translucent PT reduces hot metal wall temperature by 27.2 degrees F / 15.1 degrees C and makes building more comfortable. Problem Synavax™ Mexico Distributor, Omnigenus Energy, was assisting a large manufacturing client with an issue they were having with heat transferring through a large sheet

Suvarnabhumi Airport – Building Envelope Insulation

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok - Building Envelope Insulation Chosen as a Top Green Project by the Journal of Architectural Coatings Problem Long-term protection of aluminum panels which are to be used in a ceiling of the air link bridge at Suvarnabhumi International airport, a new state of the art international airport in Thailand. Solution