Steam Pipe Insulation

Municipality Review | Heat Control for Water Reclamation Pipes

Insulation of Exhaust Pipes in Water Reclamation Facility | City of Cocoa, FL COMPANY TYPE Municipality, City of Cocoa, FL, Water Reclamation Facility ISSUE: They had a problem with exhaust pipes radiating heat and making the environment in the building too hot for personnel. SOLUTION: Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation

South Africa Paper Mill – Steam Pipe to Safe Touch Temperature

  South Africa Paper Mill Steam Pipe to Safe Touch Temperature Surface Temperature Lowered by -158.4F (-88C) for Personnel Safety Problem Needed a durable insulation for steam pipes running at 280.4F (132C) for personnel safety. Solution When it comes to choosing the best insulation for your facility, the proof is always in

Fruitland Park, Florida – Biodiesel Refinery Storage Tank Insulation

Fruitland Park, Florida - Biodiesel Refinery Long Term Energy Saving and Corrosion Resistance | Steam Pipe and Fuel Storage Tank Insulation Problem Smart Fuels Florida, LLC needed an effective steam pipe and fuel storage tank insulation that would provide long-term protection of their equipment. Solution Smart Fuels, a leading alternative energy company headquartered in

UniPro, Turkey – Steam Pipe Insulation

UniPro, Turkey - Steam Pipe Insulation Reduced Steam Pipe Surface Temperature By 80c (144F) Problem Customer was looking for a way to insulate and protect against corrosion on steam pipes and multiple heat process surface areas. Solution Heat Shield™ High Heat was used as a primer beneath a 2.5 to 3mm application of

Dyeing Machine Insulation – 20% Energy Savings

Henateks Textile, Turkey - 20% Energy Savings Insulation of textile manufacturing equipment - Reduced overall energy use by 20%. Problem Henateks, a textile manufacturer for Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and others was looking for a way to increase energy efficiency in their dyehouse and reduce their carbon emissions. Solution Heat Shield™ High Heat

Hospital Steam Pipe Insulation

Southern U.S. - Hospital Steam Pipe Insulation Exterior Surface Temperature Reduction of 110F (61C) Problem Insulate steam pipes that are located in the ceiling of a hospital effectively and using as little space as possible Solution The Heat Shield™ High Heat was used during a 60-day trial for steam pipe insulation at a

Grupo Modelo – Beverage Manufacturing

Grupo Modelo, Guadalajara, Mexico - Steam Pipe Insulation Reduction of energy consumption with steam pipe insulation and reduced surface temperature by 36 degrees F   Problem Grupo Modelo needed steam pipe insulation at their Guadalajara, Mexico facility to insulate, reduce surface temperature, and protect equipment from corrosion and moisture. Solution Heat Shield™ High Heat

Int’l Soft Drink MFG – Energy Savings

Soft Drink Manufacturer, Europe - Bottle Washing Machine Insulation Bottle washing machine insulation coating saved 398.52 MMBTU/year with payback in 13 months, and estimated GHG reduction of 2.1 metric tons/yr. Problem Save energy on the heat process of a bottle washing machine, and other equipment, where fibrous insulation cannot be used Solution An innovative