Textile Equipment

Denim Manufacturer Case Study | Drying Can Insulation

Insulation of Rotating Drying Cans | Denim Manufacturing COMPANY TYPE Denim Factory ISSUE: Save energy on a difficult to insulate piece of equipment - fabric drying cans SOLUTION: Heat Shield™ High Heat thermal insulation & corrosion prevention coating. RESULTS: 10% reduction in energy consumption Saved 2000 kg (2.2 tons)

Narteks Textile – Reduce Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption

Narteks Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption Reduce Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption - 47.5% Savings over 3 month trial Problem High energy consumption for polyester yarn dyeing process in textile manufacturing facility. Solution Synavax™ Heat Shield™ High Heat Insulation coating was applied to the exterior of the dyeing machine for insulation. Results were a

Erenko Textile | Reduce Steam Consumption with Insulation

Erenko Textile | Reduce Steam Consumption with Insulation Reduction in Steam Cycles, Regulating Color Fluxuations Problem Looking to reduce steam consumption to make their facility more sustainable. Solution Erenko, a textile manufacturer for Disney, Champion, Puma, and others, wanted to reduce steam consumption to make their facility more sustainable. Heat Shield™ Translucent High

Turkish Textile Manufacturing Energy Savings

Turkish Textile Manufacturer - 30% Energy Savings/5 Months ROI Reduced process energy consumption between 30%-50% with ROI in 5 months. Problem Increase energy efficiency in textile manufacturing facility and lower excess heat into the environment for personnel safety. Solution This case study illustrates the benefits that yet another textile manufacturer (name withheld by

Dyeing Machine Insulation – 20% Energy Savings

Henateks Textile, Turkey - 20% Energy Savings Insulation of textile manufacturing equipment - Reduced overall energy use by 20%. Problem Henateks, a textile manufacturer for Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and others was looking for a way to increase energy efficiency in their dyehouse and reduce their carbon emissions. Solution Heat Shield™ High Heat

Coats plc – Textile Manufacturer

Coats plc, Global Project - Textile Manufacturing Heat Shield™ High Heat and Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O helped global textile manufacturer reduce energy consumption more than 10% and carbon emissions by 2% over 38 factories. Problem Coats plc was seeking an effective way to lower energy consumption in their plants globally to lower costs, reduce

Elasteks – Textile Energy Savings

Elateks, Turkey -Textile Energy Savings Elasteks realized a 51% energy savings after coating their dyeing machines with Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O insulation coating. Problem Insulating machines that dye yarns and fabrics can be challenging when dye can be splashed onto the equipment during unloading. Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O provided a solution that allowed the dyeing machines