UV Resistance

Nevada Roof Energy Efficiency | CrystalShield™ Clear Roof Coating

Nevada Residential CrystalShield™ | Roof Energy Efficiency Testimonial GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Nevada, USA ISSUE: High energy bills and hot climate SOLUTION: CrystalShield™ clear insulating and mold resistant roof coating Coverage: 2 coats RESULTS: Lowered electricity bill Reduced heat coming through the roof into the home Provides UV resistance, keeping the

Lake Havasu, Arizona | Home and Garage Insulation with Energy Protect Coating

Lake Havasu, Arizona - Home and Garage Insulation with Energy Protect Coating Energy Protect™ coating provided an easy DIY insulation coating for home and garage insulation. Customer Quote: “I used Energy Protect™ on my home in Lake Havasu, Arizona and it did wonders. It is 125 degrees outside much of the summer, although my

Greenfield, Indiana Home – Wall Insulation

Greenfield, Indiana Home - Wall Insulation Customer was looking to achieve home energy savings and find an easy wall insulation that was a DIY solution. - Customer Quote - "The product is being applied to the interior perimeter walls of the home. The really bad weather has arrived. In past years, after

Plano Texas – Garage Door Insulation and Attic Insulation

Plano Texas - Garage Door Insulation and Attic Insulation Looking to insulate his garage to maintain consistent interior temperatures. Also looking to enhance existing insulation in attic space. Needed to find an easy and economical garage door insulation and attic insulation. - Customer Quote - "I applied HomeProtect™ on my garage door last

Sherman Texas – Home Insulation – Interior Walls and Attic

Residential Application - Sherman, TX - Home Insulation Traditional insulation on a new home had projected electric costs at $450. Homeowner was looking to lower this expected cost with Synavax™ home insulation coating. This new 4500 square foot home in Sherman, Texas was completed early in 2007. The architect projected a $450 monthly

Stockton, CA Solar Panel Insulation

Stockton, CA Solar Panel Insulation Thin film Heat Shield™ High Heat provided an effective solar panel insulation and solar hot water tank insulation. Heat Shield™ High Heat was applied to a solar hot water heater tank and piping. Surface temperature of pipes is over 200F. The pipes were coated with 12 coats of

SooSung Apartment Building Insulation

SooSung Residential High Rise Apartment Building Insulation Looking for an alternate form of insulation for building envelope where application would not disturb current residents. Effective apartment building insulation. The SooSung e-daum high rise apartments needed an effective apartment building insulation that could be applied on the exterior of the building to reduce

Skylight Insulation – Tampa Port Authority

Skylight Insulation - Tampa Port Authority Effective Skylight Insulation | Kept heat and UV out without hindering the visible light transmission. Heat gain through skylights increased cooling bills in the building. The Tampa Port Authority maintenance staff needed to find a solution for skylight insulation  that would still allow through most of the

The Vernon Bank Skylight Insulation | Louisiana

New Llano, Louisiana - The Vernon Bank | Skylight Insulation Condensation Reduction of Skylight Problem The Vernon Bank was having an issue with condensation forming on their skylights, causing water to drip down onto the lobby floor. They needed an effective skylight insulation that would still allow through the natural light. Solution EnergyProtect™ coating

Wichita, Kansas – Weathering Resistance

Wichita, Kansas - Weathering Resistance Weathering Resistance to Hail Damage Problem Weathering Resistance on asphalt shingle roof. Solution Crystal clear roof coating helps to protect roofing materials, even those as sensitive as asphalt shingles from severe weather, including hail damage. Photo attached shows the coated and uncoated section of the roof after a