Warm Climate/Season

Darien, Illinois – Home Energy Savings

Darien, Illinois - Home Energy Savings 22% Reduction in Energy Costs -Customer Quote- “We have had HomeProtect™ in our home for 2 and 1/2 years. The first time I heard about HomeProtect™ was in a discovery channel new products presentation. I bought 5 gallons and the rest is history. We reduced our

Home Energy Savings – Attic, windows and skylights.

Home energy savings and surface protection Home energy saving and surface protection - Customer Quote - "Being a civil-engineer working in the environmental field I was naturally skeptical when I stumbled upon the nano-tech website. I was looking for duct insulation for my home and instead I feel as though I found the

Salt Lake City – Bedroom Wall Insulation

Salt Lake City - Bedroom Wall Insulation Looking for an alternate way to insulate back bedroom to reduce heat gain. Needed a DIY bedroom wall insulation to stay cooler. - Customer Quote - "We love what your paint has done for our back bedroom. It was not insulated and remained hot in the

Lafayette, Louisiana – Animal Shelter Insulation

Lafayette, Louisiana - Animal Shelter Insulation Animal Shelter Insulation to Reduce Internal Temperatures and Keep Humans and Animals Cooler Problem Needed an easy way to insulate a building to keep temperatures down and keep building cooler for a local animal shelter. Solution Patented Synavax™ insulation coatings were used by the Lafayette Animal Control Center to

Naples, Florida | One Year Mold Test | Anti-Mold Roof Coating

Naples, Florida - One Year Mold Test for Anti-Mold Roof Coating One of Florida's top roofing contractors performed a one-year test of Crystal's anti-mold roof coating capabilities to check for resistance of mold/bacteria. A year long test was done on the tile roof of the owner's home to observe the mold resistance of the Crystal

Beverly Hills, California – Crystal Cool Roof Coating

Beverly Hills, California - Crystal Cool Roof Coating Nearly 50% reduction in energy costs. Problem Looking for a solution to protect the roof while insulating the home to reduce energy costs. Looking for a clear cool roof coating that would not change the look of the roof. Solution The application of Synavax™ Crystal on

Maitland, Florida – Bristol Sailboat Insulation

Maitland, Florida - Bristol Sailboat Insulation 16% Reduction of Internal Cabin Temperature Problem Looking for sailboat insulation for cabin of Bristol Sailboat to keep the internal temperatures closer to ambient on warm sunny days. Solution “I am using the product to insulate my 30' sailboat. I have applied three coats to the underside

Northern California – Insulate Blinds

Northern California - Insulate Blinds DIY Bedroom Blinds Insulation | Easy Way to Insulate Blinds  Problem Looking for a solution to insulate blinds in bedroom to reduce heat gain. Solution - Customer Quote - "We have a western facing sliding glass door in our master bedroom that gets full exposure to the sun, and

Residential Roof – Energy Savings & Protection

Residential Roof, El Paso, TX - All Season Energy Savings & Protection Provided Energy Savings for Both Summer and Winter Problem Insulation for the brutal Texas summers, and protection from the harmful UV rays. Solution Customer quote: "Hi Friends! Just wanted to let you know that I'm thrilled with how much warmer my

Tile Roof, FL – Energy Savings & Protection

Residential Tile Roof, Niceville, FL - Energy Savings & Protection Energy costs reduced between 17% to 42% year over year, roof looks like new. Problem Roofs in Florida often need yearly pressure washing due to mold growth, and also suffer from UV fading of the roofing materials. This homeowner was looking for a