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Chemical Manufacturer Review | Sulfur Tank Insulation

Sulfur Tank Insulation at Chemical Manufacturing Plant | USA COMPANY TYPE Chemical Manufacturer (Company Confidential) ISSUE: They needed to insulate a large sulfur tank efficiently, while also preventing corrosion/CUI SOLUTION: Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating 8- coat application + 2 coats of Energy Protect™ for UV resistance RESULTS:

Denim Manufacturer Case Study | Drying Can Insulation

Insulation of Rotating Drying Cans | Denim Manufacturing COMPANY TYPE Denim Factory ISSUE: Save energy on a difficult to insulate piece of equipment - fabric drying cans SOLUTION: Heat Shield™ High Heat thermal insulation & corrosion prevention coating. RESULTS: 10% reduction in energy consumption Saved 2000 kg (2.2 tons)

South Africa Paper Mill – Steam Pipe to Safe Touch Temperature

  South Africa Paper Mill Steam Pipe to Safe Touch Temperature Surface Temperature Lowered by -158.4F (-88C) for Personnel Safety Problem Needed a durable insulation for steam pipes running at 280.4F (132C) for personnel safety. Solution When it comes to choosing the best insulation for your facility, the proof is always in

Narteks Textile – Reduce Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption

Narteks Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption Reduce Yarn Dyeing Steam Consumption - 47.5% Savings over 3 month trial Problem High energy consumption for polyester yarn dyeing process in textile manufacturing facility. Solution Synavax™ Heat Shield™ High Heat Insulation coating was applied to the exterior of the dyeing machine for insulation. Results were a

India Tire Industry | Bar Code Label Coating for Readability

India Tire Industry | Bar Code Label Coating for Readability Provided a bar code label coating that solved the issue with labels being damaged and unreadable due to high heat process during tire vulcanization. Problem This tire manufacturer in India had an issue with their bar code label becoming unreadable after it went through

Paper Manufacturer | Boiler Insulation

Paper Manufacturer | Boiler Insulation Problem A large paper manufacturer was looking for a solution for safe touch and insulation of their boilers. They needed a boiler insulation that would significantly reduce surface temperature and could be applied while equipment was in service. Solution During a recent boiler trial at a large paper mill, we

Canvey Island, England – Home Energy Savings

Canvey Island, England - Home Energy Savings English Bungalow - Home Energy Savings - Customer Quote - "I live in a 2-bedroomed bungalow with solid walls. In June 07' I painted the internal outside walls with HomeProtectTM and also the immersion tank and pipes. The paint was very easy to use, with good

LS Industries | Coating for Oven Insulation

LS Industries | Coating for Oven Insulation Looking to reduce surface temperature of ovens with an effective oven insulation to a worker safe to touch level. LS Industries, a designer and manufacturer of large metal cleaning equipment for the industrial and automotive markets, needed to reduce surface temperature of industrial ovens to a

Superior Pipe Insulation – US Army Corps

Superior Pipe Insulation | US Army Corps of Engineers  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers needed a durable and long-term solution to pipe insulation and corrosion control. Synavax was chosen as the superior pipe insulation. Heat Shield™ Translucent PT insulation and corrosion prevention coating provided an easy to install, and long-term solution

Frontier Produce – Insulate Refrigerated Van

Frontier Produce- Insulate Refrigerated Van Insulate refrigerated van to become more fuel efficient and reduce load on the A/C unit. Frontier Produce in Tulsa, Oklahoma wanted to reduce the fuel used to cool the back of their delivery van and increase gas mileage of their vehicle. Energy Protect™ was used to insulate