Prevents Corrosion and CUI

Dairy Tank Insulation and Energy Savings

UltraSpin, Australia - Dairy Tank Insulation Improved butterfat melting consistency and reduced surface to safe touch. Problem Insulate butterfat melting tank to reduce tank surface temperature to safe to touch and to reduce heat loss. Solution Heat Shield™ Translucent PT was used at a three coat coverage on the exterior of the stainless

HEMA Endustri A.S. – Natural Gas Savings

HEMA Endustri A.S., Istanbul, Turkey, Process Energy Savings 10% to 15% Reduction in Natural Gas Use for Furnace Problem Hema Endustri A.S., a world-class designer and manufacturer of precision systems and components for industry, and was looking for an effective way to insulate their metal heat processing furnaces. Solution Heat Shield™ High Heat

Container Ship Fuel Savings

Europe - Container Ship Saves 30% on Fuel Costs Diesel fuel use reduced by 360 liters per 24 hours - Payback achieved in only 95 days of sailing. Problem Lower fuel costs and carbon emissions for container vessel while also providing corrosion resistant insulation for the heavy fuel oil (HFO) system. Fuel

Hospital Steam Pipe Insulation

Southern U.S. - Hospital Steam Pipe Insulation Exterior Surface Temperature Reduction of 110F (61C) Problem Insulate steam pipes that are located in the ceiling of a hospital effectively and using as little space as possible Solution The Heat Shield™ High Heat was used during a 60-day trial for steam pipe insulation at a

Holiday Snacks Ltd. – Food Manufacturer

Holiday Snacks Ltd., Trinidad - Food Manufacturing Safe Touch Reduced oven, duct and fryer surface temperatures by 27F to 48.6F for safe touch, and lowered food manufacturing energy consumption. Problem Caribbean snack food manufacturer, Holiday Snacks needed to reduce hot surface temperatures for worker safety and also wanted to find an insulation that would

Grupo Modelo – Beverage Manufacturing

Grupo Modelo, Guadalajara, Mexico - Steam Pipe Insulation Reduction of energy consumption with steam pipe insulation and reduced surface temperature by 36 degrees F   Problem Grupo Modelo needed steam pipe insulation at their Guadalajara, Mexico facility to insulate, reduce surface temperature, and protect equipment from corrosion and moisture. Solution Heat Shield™ High Heat

Illovo Sugar – Food Manufacturing

Illovo Sugar, South Africa - Equipment Insulation Reduced exterior temperature of their diffuser by 30C-35C / 54F-63F. Problem Illovo Sugar Limited is the largest listed sugar and alcohol manufacturer in Africa. They were looking for a solution for insulation of their Diffusers. They have had an ongoing initiative for energy efficiency and continue

Horse Trailer Insulation – All Weather Insulation

Horse Trailer, Mammoth Spring, AR - All Weather Insulation for Comfort Easy do-it-yourself insulation to keep horse trailer dressing room more comfortable. Problem Need to insulate dressing room in horse trailer that gets too hot or cold for comfort. Solution Heat Shield™ Translucent PT was used to coat the interior sides and ceiling

Galp Energia Refinery: Insulation & Corrosion/CUI Prevention

Galp Energia, Portugal - Oil & Gas Refinery Insulation and Corrosion/CUI Prevention Synavax™ coatings provide effective insulation and corrosion control that withstands harsh environment. Problem Galp Energia was looking for an effective way to insulate and prevent corrosion on exterior pipelines and fuel oil storage tanks, and they needed something that would stand up

Coats plc – Textile Manufacturer

Coats plc, Global Project - Textile Manufacturing Heat Shield™ High Heat and Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O helped global textile manufacturer reduce energy consumption more than 10% and carbon emissions by 2% over 38 factories. Problem Coats plc was seeking an effective way to lower energy consumption in their plants globally to lower costs, reduce