Energy Protect

Darien, Illinois – Home Energy Savings

Darien, Illinois - Home Energy Savings 22% Reduction in Energy Costs -Customer Quote- “We have had HomeProtect™ in our home for 2 and 1/2 years. The first time I heard about HomeProtect™ was in a discovery channel new products presentation. I bought 5 gallons and the rest is history. We reduced our

Colorado home insulation brick walls, water heater pipes, hot air ducts

Colorado Home Insulation - brick walls, water heater pipes Looking for an alternate home insulation for exterior of the home to take advantage of the thermal mass of the brick. Additional projects as well. - Customer Quote - “This application included three projects. I applied four coats of the coating on the copper pipe

Temperature Reduction of Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch Temperature Reduction Problem Rabbit Hutch overheating and causing health issues with show rabbits. Solution "My wife breeds and shows rabbit as a hobby - your product was used to paint the interior of the building where her show rabbits are kept. Rabbits have little tolerance for high heat and keeping

Home Energy Savings – Attic, windows and skylights

Home energy savings and surface protection Home energy saving and surface protection - Customer Quote - "Being a civil-engineer working in the environmental field I was naturally skeptical when I stumbled upon the nano-tech website. I was looking for duct insulation for my home and instead I feel as though I found the

Greenfield, Indiana Home – Wall Insulation

Greenfield, Indiana Home - Wall Insulation Customer was looking to achieve home energy savings and find an easy wall insulation that was a DIY solution. - Customer Quote - "The product is being applied to the interior perimeter walls of the home. The really bad weather has arrived. In past years, after

Slovakia Residential Application- Exterior Wall Insulation

Slovakia Residential Application- Exterior Wall Insulation Experiencing mold growth after installation of plastic windows. Looking for a clear exterior wall insulation. - Customer Quote - "Problem: I live in a 40-year old block of apartments. After installing new plastic windows in my apartment, I experienced mold on the interior side of the wall

Energy saving insulation: Gas Oven, Refrigerator

Energy Saving Insulation: Lignieres Gas Oven, Refrigerator Home Energy Savings and surface protection. - CUSTOMER QUOTE - "We (I) have used up the last dregs of HomeProtect™ on the front walls of the parlor. 5 gallons are on the house's outside walls (mostly) and we will be ordering more sometime in the

Residential Insulation Michigan | Stay Warm and Reduce Heating Bills

Michigan Residential Insulation Looking for an alternate way to insulate 2nd story of house that has no forced heat, only gravity heat. - Customer Quote - "I just wanted to write and thank you for recommending the HomeProtect™ coating for the second story of my home. As you recall our 2nd story has

New York Bungalow – Attic Insulation

New York Bungalow Residential Application - Attic Insulation Looking for an alternate form of ceiling and attic insulation to increase cubic space in ceiling - Customer Quote - "I recently re-roofed my bungalow style house and added a skylight, ridge vents and soffit vents for a good ventilating air flow from the