Mold Resistance

Residential Application, Dallas Texas | DIY Attic Insulation

  Residential Application - Dallas, Texas Rising Temperatures Creates Energy Issues in Texas Problem With a nationwide heat wave and rising energy costs, this homeowner was looking for an economical way to reduce the heat transfer into his attic, bring down the attic temperature and reduce the amount of energy consumption used

Darien, Illinois – Home Energy Savings

Darien, Illinois - Home Energy Savings 22% Reduction in Energy Costs -Customer Quote- “We have had HomeProtect™ in our home for 2 and 1/2 years. The first time I heard about HomeProtect™ was in a discovery channel new products presentation. I bought 5 gallons and the rest is history. We reduced our

Slovakia Residential Application- Exterior Wall Insulation

Slovakia Residential Application- Exterior Wall Insulation Experiencing mold growth after installation of plastic windows. Looking for a clear exterior wall insulation. - Customer Quote - "Problem: I live in a 40-year old block of apartments. After installing new plastic windows in my apartment, I experienced mold on the interior side of the wall

Plano Texas – Garage Door Insulation and Attic Insulation

Plano Texas - Garage Door Insulation and Attic Insulation Looking to insulate his garage to maintain consistent interior temperatures. Also looking to enhance existing insulation in attic space. Needed to find an easy and economical garage door insulation and attic insulation. - Customer Quote - "I applied HomeProtect™ on my garage door last

Sherman Texas – Home Insulation – Interior Walls and Attic

Residential Application - Sherman, TX - Home Insulation Traditional insulation on a new home had projected electric costs at $450. Homeowner was looking to lower this expected cost with Synavax™ home insulation coating. This new 4500 square foot home in Sherman, Texas was completed early in 2007. The architect projected a $450 monthly

Residential Insulation United Kingdom

United Kingdom Residential Insulation Heat loss through uninsulated walls and ceiling of work cabin. From blog of customer: Nigel Burkin, shared with his permission. ISSUE: We are leaking heat to atmosphere like a sieve, over a considerable area of roof. Furthermore, the layout cabin has no roof insulation to speak of. I

SooSung Apartment Building Insulation

SooSung Residential High Rise Apartment Building Insulation Looking for an alternate form of insulation for building envelope where application would not disturb current residents. Effective apartment building insulation. The SooSung e-daum high rise apartments needed an effective apartment building insulation that could be applied on the exterior of the building to reduce

Green Project Spotlight – Eco Renovation Claremount, CA

Green Project Spotlight - Eco Renovation Claremount, CA If you’re a fan of the Discovery Channel, you may have seen their ‘Greenovate’ eco-makeover show where Synavax’s™ Energy Protect™ coating was used to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for a Southern California homeowner. Problem Our Energy Protect™ coating was featured in an

Southfield, Michigan – 2nd Story Ceiling Insulation

Southfield, Michigan - 2nd Story Ceiling Insulation Ceiling insulation & hot water heater insulation for home energy savings after a successful application at Arden Companies. - Customer Quote - "On an 1800 s.f. second story ceiling immediately below the attic - also along the borders of north-facing windows. NOW earlier this summer