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Insulation of Extrusion & Fabrication Ovens at Aluminum Manufacturer | USA


Aluminum Manufacturer

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Heat loss from two large ovens, a fabrication oven and extrusion oven.


Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating

3- coat application


  • 3,059 MMBtu/year estimated energy savings
  • $8,700 USD/year estimated dollar savings
  • Estimated payback, 30 months
  • Significant energy savings
  • Reduced heat radiated into the factory
  • Cost efficient & fast application
  • Long lasting performance (10 years or more)

One of the industrial applications that the Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating was specifically designed for is the insulation of large industrial ovens to solve issues with energy loss and personnel safety without interfering with the oven related processes.

One large manufacturer used EPX-H2O to insulate a large fabrication and extrusion oven that operated at approximately 115F. They calculated that they would save over 3 billion Btus per year by using the insulation technology. In addition, they found the application process so easy that they used their own maintenance crew to insulate their ovens, which saved them time and money and allowed them to easily work around production needs.

It only took them 2.5 days to coat the exterior sides and roofs of  both ovens, which was a total of approximately 8,000 S.F.

They enjoyed multiple benefits, including: Energy savings, reduced surface temperature for personnel safety, less heat radiated into the environment for a cooler facility, and the ability to spray on the insulation while the ovens were in service.

Bold Plans. Bold Results.

The results speak for themselves. This manufacturing client saw:

Efficient insulation, estimated to save them $8,700/year

Estimated to save over 3 billion BTUs per year.

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