Project Description

Amherst, New York – UV Protection for Angel Garden Statue

UV Protection for Resin Garden Status


Temperature fluctuations cause the resins in garden statues to crack and breakdown from UV exposure.


“I specifically needed Translucent(EnergyProtect™) to coat heavy, resin, exterior statues of angels for a unique setting on a rooftop and garden. The units are exterior rated cast resin, but [they] take a beating from UV and high heat/deep cold exposure. The EnergyProtect™ protects the statues from cracking, degrading and protects the resin material from UV breakdown.

Moderating the temperature with EnergyProtect™ will increase the longevity of these art works. The internal temperature in the resin is reduced to a safe lever during the intense heat waves and the polar vortex chills of -20C.”

-T.Dobson, Amherst, NY

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Standout Results!

EnergyProtect™ was able to regulate temperatures to eliminate cracking due to temperature fluctuations and to protect the statues from UV damage. It provided invisible UV protection and moisture protection to keep the resin statue in perfect condition.
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