Project Description

Beverly Hills, California – Crystal Cool Roof Coating

Nearly 50% reduction in energy costs.


Looking for a solution to protect the roof while insulating the home to reduce energy costs. Looking for a clear cool roof coating that would not change the look of the roof.


The application of Synavax™ Crystal on the tile roof of this Beverly Hills, California home was done in June of 2012. In 2013, the homeowner sent in a great testimonial as to his energy savings.

“I had my tile roof coated with Synavax™ Crystal a few months ago and on my most recent utility bill I had almost a fifty-percent reduction, from $1,022 to $604,which was an amazing result!

I was so impressed that I just ordered several gallons of Energy Protect™ to begin my interior wall and ceiling coating and I am looking forward to further reductions in my heating and cooling costs.”

Dr. B
Beverly Hills, California

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Standout Results!

Crystal clear cool roof coating was chosen to protect the roof tiles from mold and UV damage, while providing insulation, resulting in lower energy costs. The homeowner reported nearly 50 percent reduction in cooling costs.
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