Catholic Church – Roof Insulation and Protection

Roof Insulation and Protection for a Convent in Alabama and Monastery in Puerto Rico


When the Catholic Church was looking for a way to insulate and protect the roofs of two of their properties, they looked to a brand they had trusted in the past to lower energy costs in other facilities. They had been pleased with the performance of Synavax coatings used for wall insulation applications so they chose their Crystal clear roof coating for these properties.


Casa Maria Convent & Retreat Center in Irondale, Alabama has a beautiful tile roof. The fact that the coating is clear, allowing the color of the roof to remain unchanged, was a huge benefit. And the clear thermal barrier coating also provided protection from mold growth, UV and weathering.

The other property was the Monasterio Madre de Dios, a monastery in Manati, Puerto Rico. This roof consisted of a portion that included metal roofing, which the coating can also be used for, providing corrosion prevention as an additional benefit.

The area coated for the entire project, including both roofs, was over 77,900 square feet. The project was completed in Fall of 2012.

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Crystal roof coating provided exceptional value as a multi-surface solution for roofs to insulate for reduced energy costs while also providing protection from UV, moisture, mold, and corrosion.
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