Project Description

Central Louisiana – American Red Cross Headquarters – Clear Lead Abatement

Clear Lead Abatement with Encapsulation Coating


The American Red Cross Headquarters was looking for a lead encapsulation coating that would remediate lead contaminated surfaces in an easy, cost effective way.


In 2006, the Central Louisiana Chapter of the American Red Cross received a gift of $958,629 from the Canadian Red Cross specifically designated to support the construction of an American Red Cross chapter headquarters in Central Louisiana. After finding a suitable property to rehabilitate into their headquarters, they began the first phase.

The Environmental Site Assessment revealed concerns about lead in paint, brick and wood which needed to be addressed.

LeadX™, clear lead encapsulation coating was chosen to encapsulate lead and offered an environmentally friendly way to remediate lead contamination in the building to make it safe for use that was an affordable and viable option for the American Red Cross.

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Standout Results!

LeadX™ clear lead abatement coating safely and effectively provided lead encapsulation in a clear coat to preserve the look of the building over multiple surfaces, to make the building safe for use.
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