Sulfur Tank Insulation

Sulfur Tank Insulation at Chemical Manufacturing Plant | USA


Chemical Manufacturer

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They needed to insulate a large sulfur tank efficiently, while also preventing corrosion/CUI


Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O thermal insulation coating

8- coat application

+ 2 coats of Energy Protect™ for UV resistance


  • 15,258 MMBtu/year estimated energy savings
  • $50,500 USD/year estimated dollar savings
  • Estimated payback , 15 months
  • Significant energy savings
  • Better heat retention of tank
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Cost efficient & fast application
  • Long lasting performance (10 years or more)

A large chemical manufacturer was looking for an effective and long-term solution to insulate large (30’ high) sulfur tanks.

Insulating with traditional materials (fiberglass wrap with aluminum cladding) not only meant the insulation breaks down due to moisture pretty quickly, it also causes corrosion under insulation, which means it has to be removed regularly for corrosion to be remediated… thrown out and redone. While the fiberglass itself might be a low-budget material, the installation certainly isn’t. It can require scaffolding to be erected and expensive labor costs for wrapping the batt insulation around the tank and then screwing an aluminum cover around the entire thing.

This chemical manufacturer was trying to find a better way to insulate and found it in Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O coating. The easy spray-on application took only 4 days for the 6,500 S.F. tank. Thousands of dollars were also saved because they did not need to erect scaffolding and instead were able to use a lift to maneuver the applicators around the tank.

They were very pleased with the product performance and ability to stand up to weathering (no covering required). The fast application also reduced plant disruption and saved money.

When it comes to longevity, consistent high-performance insulation, and the ability to prevent corrosion rather than cause it, the EPX-H2O coating can’t be touched!

Bold Plans. Bold Results.

The results speak for themselves. This manufacturing client saw:

Efficient insulation, estimated to save them $50,500/year

Payback estimated at just 15 months.

Additional Photos

Additional photos of sulfur tank insulation project

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