Coats plc, Global Project – Textile Manufacturing

Heat Shield™ High Heat and Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O helped global textile manufacturer reduce energy consumption more than 10% and carbon emissions by 2% over 38 factories.


Coats plc was seeking an effective way to lower energy consumption in their plants globally to lower costs, reduce their carbon footprint and also reduce heat expelled into the environment to improve employee health and safety.


After extensive energy saving studies were completed on Synavax™ insulation coatings in two of their facilities, the technology was chosen as a key component of their corporate sustainability initiative to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Heat Shield™ High Heat and Heat Shield™ EPX-H2O were used on the exterior of their yarn dyeing machines.

“As a business we have an ongoing commitment to reducing our impact on the environment and continuously improving the working conditions in our facilities worldwide. Having comprehensively tested Synavax coatings we found they significantly reduced process energy whilst standing up to the harsh environment of an industrial dye house. We anticipate the change will have a dual effect: reducing our process steam consumption by over ten percent – and therefore our carbon footprint by around two percent – and significantly improving the working conditions in our dye houses, which is great news for both our business and the environment.”

– Coats plc

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The final analysis showed that Synavax™ thermal insulation coatings helped this global manufacturer reduce energy consumption by over 10% and lower carbon emissions by 2% globally.
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