Project Description

Colorado Home Insulation – brick walls, water heater pipes

Looking for an alternate home insulation for exterior of the home to take advantage of the thermal mass of the brick. Additional projects as well.

– Customer Quote –

“This application included three projects.

I applied four coats of the coating on the copper pipe coming out of our tankless water heater. Two months after the application, the pipe feels warm instead of hot to the touch when we run the water. It also cuts the time for warm water to get to a faucet if we have run it recently, because water stays warm in the pipes longer than before.

I also applied Energy Protect™ to the hot air ducts that come out of our furnace. Our furnace room is vented to the outside, so warmth in the ducts would escape into the room between each furnace run, and the fan would blow the cold air into the house every time the furnace came on. Two months after applying the coating to the ducts, there is no initial blast of cold air from the vents when the furnace kicks on, unless the system has not run for several hours.

Application in this project was easy and appears to be durable.
The third project was applying three coats of Energy Protect™ to the north and east facing walls of the outside of my brick house. I applied it to the outside of my brick wall because insulation applied outside allows us to take advantage of the thermal mass of the brick, hopefully slowing down the response of the interior temperature to big temperature swings outside.

Application in this case was not very easy, because I had to apply it to the mortar gap between the bricks as well as to the bricks. Over a month after the application (now December), the interior walls are noticeably warmer within the coated walls than inside uncoated walls. I will not know for sure the extent of any energy savings for several months, but our November natural gas usage was smaller than last year although the weather was similar.“

Paul Roundy, Colorado

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HeatShield™ GP (PT) was chosen to reduce energy costs in multiple areas around this colorado home.

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