Commercial Property Lead Abatement

Commercial Office Building, Atlanta, GA – Lead Abatement

Lead Encapsulation for Environmental Remediation of Commercial Property


A large 3-story building in Atlanta, Georgia was being renovated into commercial office space. The environmental contractors hired for the job needed to find a suitable form of lead abatement that would encapsulate the lead and that was also cost effective and wouldn’t take up rentable office square footage.


After initial patch tests were completed successfully, LeadX™ was chosen for use in the 30,000 SF building to encapsulate the lead contaminates. LeadX™ offered a cost effective solution and was the only clear encapsulant that could be applied to the wide variety of surfaces, including wood and brick.

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that LeadX™ helped the property owner maximize the rental office space while making the building save by remediating the lead and also allowing the brick and wood surfaces to remain for visual appeal.
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