Cornwell Quality Tools, Mogadore, OH – Window Energy Efficiency

Estimated Project Payback – 4 months. Window thermal insulation made easy.


Cornwell Quality Tools needed to improve energy efficiency at their Mogadore, Ohio manufacturing facility. Large factory windows created large ‘holes’ in their thermal envelope.


Energy Protect™ coating was used to insulate the windows. The application was done on windows where maintaining at least diffuse illumination from sunlight was a requirement along with thermal insulation. Letter from Customer: “Sirs, We at Cornwell Tools have been very pleased with the results of using the Synavax material as can be seen by the attached emails… It’s hard to quantify how much has been saved, but management has indicated over this winter so far we have saved approximately $30,000 in total heating costs. Many factors are involved in this, as other changes were also made (in addition to using your coating) such as moving the use of the overhead door in the steel room to the smaller overhead door in the inspection area, and adding a plastic screen at that door. However I believe that a considerable savings has been realized. The cost of the (Synavax™) materials was probably saved in the first cold month.” Daniel Goodell, Senior Tool Designer , Cornwell Quality Tools

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Energy Protect™ thermal insulation coating provided an easy and efficient way to insulate factory windows and contributed to the overall $30,000 in savings on winter heating costs. Material cost was only $3,572, and the estimated payback was achieved in approximately 4 months.
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