Detroit Historical Home Stays Warmer

Residential Walls, Detroit, MI – Warmer Home & Lower Energy Costs

Reduced energy costs and made historic 1890’s home more comfortable


Old historical home that wasn’t well insulated and had a problem staying warm in the winter, particularly in the upstairs unit.


Customer Quote:

Letter to Energy Protect™ contractor Douglas Drew of Green Earth Coatings

“I would like to offer a few words of praise for the Energy Protect™ product. My girlfriend and I both live in a very old house in downtown Detroit, circa 1890’s, and the cost to heat our home is outrageous. I did some research and discovered Green Earth Coatings, a “Green” construction and painting company. Doug suggested we try a coating called Energy Protect™.

We applied the coating in our upstairs unit in hopes of eliminating the need to continually run heat up there throughout the winter months, as we have an extremely old furnace and heating system. The product was easy to apply, (we did it ourselves), and the results were almost instantaneous. The upstairs unit retained a more constant temperature and was consistently more comfortable without the need to pump more and more heat and money up there.

I would highly recommend the Synavax™ product line and Green Earth Coatings to anyone who is trying to make their home more comfortable and save money on their heating bills.”

Sincerely, Michael Field and Nicole Conaway Detroit,MI

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Energy Protect™ saved the homeowners money on their energy costs while solving the issue with their upstairs unit being to cold. The coating allowed the home to hold a more consistent temperature.
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