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Edward Moore Design, Inc. a Canadian Government recognized research and development laboratory since 1985, was developing a cooling and heating system to be utilized in three unique medical devices. They needed the unit to be as energy efficient as possible, and also use insulation which was acceptable for the hospital environment.


Energy Protect™ thermal insulation & corrosion prevention coating.

Coverage of 4 coats


  • Substantial energy savings
  • Prevented sweating of device during cooling process
  • Resistance to mold growth
  • Insulated for both hot and cold temperatures
  • reduced cooling temperature rate better than foam insulation

Energy Protect™ thermal insulation coating was specified into the heating and cooling unit for the three new medical devices.

The first device is an air conditioned / heated massaging mattress cover, which can be used for bed ridden patients, controlling the temperature of the mattress, providing comfort and preventing bed sores.

Edward Moore, President, describes the projects further, “Energy Protect has been specified into the main cooling and heating system for this design. Energy Protect added to the mattress cover system was found to reduce cooling temperature at a rate of 1.8 degrees per minute, as compared to the foam insulation alone which reduced temperature at a rate of 1.1 degrees per minute. All tests were performed under identical conditions cooling one gallon of fluid.

By speeding up the cooling process, substantial energy savings were achieved. In addition, Energy Protect prevented sweating during the cooling process and also prevents growth of unwanted substances on the surface of the system.

The same carefully researched cooling and heating system specifying Energy Protect will be incorporated into a new machine to form x-ray invisible casts with perfectly even pressure over the entire area of a broken limb. The casts can be worn while swimming or bathing and re-formed, again with perfectly even pressure, when swelling reduces. Thanks to Energy Protect the time to form a perfectly even pressure cast will be approximately three minutes.

An additional portable machine specifying Energy Protect in the unique heating and cooling system, is to heat and or cool with adjustable massage any area of the body for sports medicine and general physiotherapy needs. This machine will free up the doctor or technician to perform other tasks. The portability of the battery operated machine is due in large part to the energy savings realized with Energy Protect insulating coating.”


I would like to thank you for your help and guidance specifically relating to your Energy Protect insulating paint.

We are a research and development laboratory established since 1972. In our main business, we work with many corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Sikorsky, various militaries around the world as well as commercial aircraft manufacturers in the development of tools and systems for the repair and maintenance of both military and commercial aircraft. Snap on Tool Corporation is one of our aviation tools and systems distributors.

We also develop a number of specialized products for other markets each year and one of our current projects is an air conditioned and/or heated massage mattress cover. Developing the system to generate and control the temperatures to within .1 degree Celsius proved to be a particular challenge as relates to insulation in very confined areas. We originally utilized blue construction insulating foam and documented all test results over a series of 50 half hour test cycles. Temperature fluctuations were noted every 60 seconds as were power consumption levels.

In our tests, the foam was removed and four coats of Energy Protect were applied to both sides of cast and machined aluminum plates containing a conditioned glycol mixture, The Energy Protect was allowed to cure for 30 days, the foam was re-installed and the identical tests were re-performed.

The difference in performance of our system was substantial with the Energy Protect insulated system providing slightly less than double the original performance. To be more specific, the Energy Protect coated plates allowed our system to reduce temperature at a rate of 1.8 degrees per minute. With the foam insulation alone we reduced temperature at a rate of 1.1 degrees per minute. All tests were performed under identical conditions cooling one gallon of fluid. By speeding up the cooling process we save substantial energy.

Another major benefit for us is the fact that the product will be used in a hospital environment and the Energy Protect will prevent the growth of unwanted substances on the surface of our system. During our final tests it was also noted that the Energy Protect prevented sweating during the cooling process. This had previously been a problem.

Thank you again for your valued assistance and introduction to Energy Protect. It is truly a remarkable product.

Yours truly, Edward Moore

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