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Alaska Warehouse | Metal Building Insulation

Metal Building Insulation


Commercial Metal Building Insulation that would work well in the harsh frigid Alaskan climate.


Mr. Sherman applied Energy Protect™ on the interior building envelope of his 1250 S.F. commercial warehouse with 16 foot ceilings.
The coating was installed at 3 coats (approx. dry film thickness of 7 mils). It was coated on all four walls and the ceiling of the warehouse.

“I saved 22% off my heating consumption. A savings of $600 for the year. I am so happy.”
-Dan Sherman

Military and Civilian Auto Sales Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

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Standout Results!

Energy Protect™ was able to reduce heat gain through the metal wall and keep the working offices cooler. Also lowered heating consumption by 22%, saving $600 for the year. It provided an excellent metal building insulation that stood up to the harsh and frigid environment.
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