Project Description

Fruitland Park, Florida – Biodiesel Refinery

Long Term Energy Saving and Corrosion Resistance | Steam Pipe and Fuel Storage Tank Insulation


Smart Fuels Florida, LLC needed an effective steam pipe and fuel storage tank insulation that would provide long-term protection of their equipment.


Smart Fuels, a leading alternative energy company headquartered in Boston, was building a new biodiesel refinery in Florida and needed an effective insulation that would provide long-term protection of their fuel tanks and steam lines. Smart Fuels chose Heat Shield™ Translucent PT coating to insulate and protect new fuel storage tanks being installed at their facility in Fruitland Park, Florida. Heat Shield™ High Heat was also applied to facility steam lines to reduce heat loss and corrosion. They chose this unique patented technology for its ease of installation and ability to insulate more effectively and over a longer period of time than other types of insulation. It also provided the added benefits of protection against corrosion and resistance to moisture.
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Standout Results!

HeatShield™ PT provided long-term protection from both corrosion and condensation while also providing continuous energy savings as an excellent fuel storage tank insulation. Heat Shield™ High Heat likewise provided the same protection, up to 400F) for their steam pipes. Heat Shield PT™ clear insulation and corrosion prevention coating was used to protect fuel tanks and steam lines. They provided an excellent storage tank insulation and steam pipe insulation that also stopped CUI.
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