Project Description

Greenfield, Indiana Home – Wall Insulation

Customer was looking to achieve home energy savings and find an easy wall insulation that was a DIY solution.

– Customer Quote –

“The product is being applied to the interior perimeter walls of the home.

The really bad weather has arrived. In past years, after we turned down the heat at night the home’s interior temperature would go down to 56 well before morning, leaving the furnace to come on at least twice before we awoke. This was in any lower than freezing weather and sometimes even in weather that was 40 degrees.”

The house walls are 6″ deep and fully insulated. The ceilings are protected by 14″ of cellulose material. We have only done seven of 16 perimeter walls. The walls on the unprotected end of the house are the ones we have completed. This week the weather has gone cold, single digits and about 10 degrees. Each night we have had that weather we have had a temperature of at least 59 when we awake mornings. That is a full four degrees higher than ever before AND we’ve not completed the job! Not once has the furnace come back on during the night. And, during the day the furnace seems to be coming on fewer times than ever.”

James B. Stroud, Jr.

Retired military

Greenfield, Indiana, USA

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EnergyProtect™(HomeProtect) was chosen to insulate this home and applied as wall insulation, resulting in a reduction in home energy costs.

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