Grupo Modelo Beverage Manufacturing Case Study

Grupo Modelo, Guadalajara, Mexico – Steam Pipe Insulation

Reduction of energy consumption with steam pipe insulation and reduced surface temperature by 36 degrees F



Grupo Modelo needed steam pipe insulation at their Guadalajara, Mexico facility to insulate, reduce surface temperature, and protect equipment from corrosion and moisture.


Heat Shield™ High Heat was applied to heat interchangers – large steam pipes – and other equipment to insulate, protect against corrosion, and decrease the amount of energy used for equipment processes. Preliminary results showed a 20 degrees Centigrade (36 Fahrenheit) difference after a 3-coat coverage (approximate thickness of 7 mils dry film thickness).

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Heat Shield™ High Heat reduced energy consumption and lowered the pipe surface temperature by 36 degrees F (20 degrees C), and provided an effective way to insulate, save energy and protect assets.
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