Holiday Snacks Case Study

Holiday Snacks Ltd., Trinidad – Food Manufacturing Safe Touch

Reduced oven, duct and fryer surface temperatures by 27F to 48.6F for safe touch, and lowered food manufacturing energy consumption.


Caribbean snack food manufacturer, Holiday Snacks needed to reduce hot surface temperatures for worker safety and also wanted to find an insulation that would be safe to use around food manufacturing equipment.


Heat Shield™ High Heat was applied at a thickness of 6 coats (approx. 300 microns) to the exterior of a Casa oven, a vent duct and a peanut fryer to reduce surface temperature and insulate the equipment to reduce energy costs, lower surface temperatures to both reduce worker burn injuries and improve the temperature of the working environment.

The application was done in April 18, 2010, and readings were taken throughout the curing period, with the last readings taken on June 15th. Two separate temperature readings were obtained for each piece of equipment.

Casa Oven Uncoated Surface: 95C (203F) Heat Shield™ High Heat coated Surface: 75C (167F) Temperature Difference = 20C (36F) Vent Duct Uncoated Surface: 127C (260.6F) Heat Shield™ High Heat coated Surface: 112C (233.6F) Temperature Difference = 15C (27F) Peanut Fryer Uncoated Surface: 99C (210.2F) Heat Shield™ High Heat coated Surface: 72C (161.6F) Temperature Difference = 27C (48.6F)

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Heat Shield™ High Heat provided an easy and effective way to improve worker safety and decrease the amount of energy used for food manufacturing processes. The average surface temperature reduction over all equipment was between 15C-27C (27F-48.6F).
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