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Home energy savings and surface protection

Home energy saving and surface protection

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“Being a civil-engineer working in the environmental field I was naturally skeptical when I stumbled upon the nano-tech website. I was looking for duct insulation for my home and instead I feel as though I found the “holy grail.” I have limited time but have been applying HomeProtect™ ClearCoat to my finished attic , wood exterior doors, and a couple of old skylights and windows.

The last three months (May, June, July), I have used 40%, 40%, and 50% of the electricity I used last year during the same months. This is our hottest time of the year. The window over my tub does that I coated, not condensate during showers as it is no longer a

cooler surface than the shower.

The other day, I left out of town for work so I turned off my air conditioning before I left. The highs while gone were in the 80s with 90% humidity. I was amazed after returning home when I went upstairs in the finished off attic to find it cooler than the main floor. What amazed me more was when I remembered that the air conditioning was off and had been for 2 days.

After I turned it on, it finally came on at 10:45 at night for about 5 minutes. That was it! The lows at night have been in the mid to upper 70’s is all. I’ve told my family, friends, place of employment, and even the Public Works Department for the city I live in. I believe this product could help tremendously in the fight against global warming. I recommend it to any and everyone.”

Davenport, IA 52803

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EnergyProtect™(HomeProtect) was chosen to reduce insulate this home, resulting in a reduction in home energy costs.

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