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Wood panel insulation

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Wood panel insulation – Effectively insulate and protect a wooden garden room that houses a model railway system

“In Early 2014 I purchased a gallon of HomeProtect™ clear to insulate a wooden garden room, which was built to house a model railway system. Prior to applying the HomeProtect™, I fully protected the interior and exterior with wood preserver, I also sealed the exterior with a proprietary water sealant. The HomeProtect™ was applied as instructed.

It was easy to apply and took no more than two to three days to coat all of the 12 ft. x 10 ft. room. Everyone who entered the room commented on how warm and damp free it was even on cold and wet days.

I have now moved house and will be erecting a much larger 20 ft. x 16 ft. log cabin, by the way the old garden room was of a shed type construction of tong and groove and as the wood shrunk gaps appeared. As a satisfied customer, I will also be using the same to insulate and seal the new log cabin which is of the Swedish style constructed from 44 x 110 mm logs, fully confident of the end result.

For application I would give the product 5 stars and for insulative ability again 5 stars, however I cannot comment on the claim of it resistance to mould, except that by the time that my house was sold and I moved out, approximately 1 year, the interior did not show any fungus whatsoever.”

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EnergyProtect™(HomeProtect) was chosen to insulate a wooden shed. It provided a thermal barrier that reduced heat loss. Mold growth was prevented as well. It made an excellent wood panel insulation that allowed the beauty of the wood to show through.

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