Project Description

Bar Code Label Coating for Heat Resistance

India Tire Industry | Bar Code Label Coating for Readability

Provided a bar code label coating that solved the issue with labels being damaged and unreadable due to high heat process during tire vulcanization.


This tire manufacturer in India had an issue with their bar code label becoming unreadable after it went through the vulcanization process. 

The overall time the label spends in the oven (from room temperature to room temperature) is around 20 minutes. The vulcanization process brings the tire to approximately 204C (400F).

The problem is bar code was getting damaged due to the heat, which also caused discoloration (yellowing).  This made the bar code unreadable by the scanner. The client had tried other types of coatings with no luck.


Heat Shield™ High Heat coating was applied over the polyester bar code labels at a 3-coat application for heat protection and to stop the yellowing and heat related damage.

The coating successfully protected the bar code from heat damage and discoloration and enabled proper scanning after the vulcanization process, providing an excellent and cost saving solution for this huge  issue for the tire manufacturer.

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Synavax’s Heat Shield™ High Heat coating provided an excellent heat resistant bar code label coating that allowed the bar codes to be readable and stopped the heat related damage and yellowing for improved scanning ability.
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