Project Description

Lafayette, Louisiana – Animal Shelter Insulation

Animal Shelter Insulation to Reduce Internal Temperatures and Keep Humans and Animals Cooler


Needed an easy way to insulate a building to keep temperatures down and keep building cooler for a local animal shelter.


Patented Synavax™ insulation coatings were used by the Lafayette Animal Control Center to insulate the walls and ceiling of a building that houses animals in their care.

Before insulating, the building was extremely hot, after EnergyProtect™ was applied, the shelter building was much cooler for both the workers and animals and provided them with a healthier and more comfortable environment. Synavax™ coatings provided an excellent animal shelter insulation.

Thomas Russo, President of Russo Environmental Materials said, “We were excited at the chance to help the animals and the altruistic people who work with them; showing off what EnergyProtect™ can do was an added bonus.”

Thomas Russo Lafayette, Louisiana

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Standout Results!

EnergyProtect™ was used to insulate building envelope of this animal shelter to keep internal temperatures cooler.
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