Project Description

Lake Havasu, Arizona – Home and Garage Insulation with Energy Protect Coating

Energy Protect™ coating provided an easy DIY insulation coating for home and garage insulation.

Customer Quote:

“I used Energy Protect™ on my home in Lake Havasu, Arizona and it did wonders. It is 125 degrees outside much of the summer, although my home had 6 inch insulation and a good overhang on the roof, it still got very hot.

I used your coating on my garage door that faced due west, brutal sun and heat, your coating kept the interior of my garage 15 to 20 degrees cooler than before, amazing.” –

– Frances P., Lake Havasu, AZ

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Standout Results!

In the final analysis, Energy Protect™ clear insulation coating provided the homeowner an effective home and garage insulation in the extremely hot Arizona climate and reduced the interior garage temperature by 15-20 degrees.
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