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LS Industries Oven Insulation

LS Industries | Coating for Oven Insulation

Looking to reduce surface temperature of ovens with an effective oven insulation to a worker safe to touch level.

LS Industries, a designer and manufacturer of large metal cleaning equipment for the industrial and automotive markets, needed to reduce surface temperature of industrial ovens to a worker safe level and to increase efficiency of the oven insulation. LS Industries coated the exterior of five of their Heat & Block Blaster ovens which are used for cleaning engines by burning off residue at a temperature of 800F. The external temperature of the ovens after application and cure (7mil dft) of Heat Shield™ High Heat, dropped from 168F (75.5C) to between 100-115F (37.8-46C) and was safe to touch while in operation. Their customers were very satisfied with the results of surface temperature reduction and increase in energy efficiency. LS Industries now plans to offer Heat Shield™ on all their products requiring insulation and corrosion prevention.

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Standout Results!

Heat Shield™ High Heat was able to provide a safe touch surface on industrial ovens. It provided an excellent oven insulation option that was easy to paint on and also prevented corrosion.

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