Project Description

Maitland, Florida – Bristol Sailboat Insulation

16% Reduction of Internal Cabin Temperature


Looking for sailboat insulation for cabin of Bristol Sailboat to keep the internal temperatures closer to ambient on warm sunny days.


“I am using the product to insulate my 30′ sailboat. I have applied three coats to the underside of the cabin and deck. Using a thermometer, the temp has been lowered from around 105 degrees F on a sunny Florida day where the ambient temps are in the high 80’s to about 88 degrees F where the Energy Protect™ is applied.
I plan to apply more coats. Since the paint is a stain clear I plan to use it on the interior wood adjacent to the hull, deck and cabin that are heated by the sun.”
“I have seen around a 13 to 15 degree drop in surface temperature when I have applied 3 coats of Energy Protect™. I plan to apply more coats.”

-David Browne Maitland, Florida, USA

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Standout Results!

Energy Protect™ was chosen to lower the internal cabin temperature to a comfortable setting.
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