Manufacturer, Mexico – Metal Wall Heat Reduction

Heat Shield™ Translucent PT reduces hot metal wall temperature by 27.2 degrees F / 15.1 degrees C and makes building more comfortable.


Synavax™ Mexico Distributor, Omnigenus Energy, was assisting a large manufacturing client with an issue they were having with heat transferring through a large sheet metal wall that divides the main mezzanine from an area that holds six industrial ovens. The heat transfer was causing uncomfortable working conditions.


Heat Shield™ Translucent PT was applied at a 3-coat coverage to a 3×3 meter section of the wall to illustrate the insulation performance. Even before the coating was fully cured measurements showed a reduction of wall surface temperature from 39.9C (103.8F) to 24.8C (76.6F). A reduction of 15.1C / 27.2F. With further reduction expected after the coating cures fully.

Thermal imaging photos were also taken and clearly illustrate the reduction of heat transfer provided by the Synavax™ thermal insulation coating technology. Further application is being completed on two side walls and the ceiling

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Heat Shield™ Translucent PT significantly lowered the surface temperature of the metal wall while also reducing the heat being generated from the manufacturing side to the office side, solving a critical issue for this client.
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