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Data Center Cooling

Mexico Social Security Administration – Data Center Cooling

Data Center Insulation to Stop Heat-Related Server Shut Down


Mexico’s Social Security Administration (IMSS) also provides healthcare to their citizens. The data center in Monterrey, Mexico that houses patient medical records had an issue with the servers shutting down due to excess room temperature.


Synavax™ Crystal clear liquid insulation was used on the roof of the Cenati location in Monterrey. This location houses the data computers which maintain electronic health records and make up the information interchange between clinics and hospitals. The coating was used to stop these critical computer systems from shutdown due to excess heat. The application of the coating to the roof of the computer center effectively reduced interior temperature to a safe level for the systems – reducing the temperature by an average of 27%, and stopped equipment shut down due to excess temperature.

Synavax™ technology for effective data center insulation.

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Standout Results!

Synavax™ Crystal clear insulating and mold resistant roof coating reduced the interior temperature of the data center by 27% stopping heat related server shut down.
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