Project Description

Middle East – Brine Purification Columns – Industrial Insulation

Thermal Insulation and Surface Protection


Looking for surface protection and energy savings of Brine Super Purification Columns. The chemical manufacturing facility needed an industrial insulation that would also prevent corrosion and stop the CUI that the older type of insulation was causing to their equipment.


Heat Shield™ technology was chosen by by a large Middle East Chemical Production Facility to insulate and protect brine super purification columns. Heat Shield™ High Heat (3 coats) and white finish coat (1 coat) were applied to the exterior of the large columns. Heat Shield™ provided protection from corrosion while reducing energy use by insulating the equipment.
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Standout Results!

HeatShield™ High Heat was chosen to provide an excellent industrial insulation that stood up to weathering and provided surface protection from UV and corrosion while providing energy savings.
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