Project Description

Erenko Textile | Reduce Steam Consumption with Insulation

Reduction in Steam Cycles, Regulating Color Fluxuations


Looking to reduce steam consumption to make their facility more sustainable.


Erenko, a textile manufacturer for Disney, Champion, Puma, and others, wanted to reduce steam consumption to make their facility more sustainable.

Heat Shield™ Translucent High Heat was used to insulate heat exchangers, dyeing machines, and steam system components.

“We have closely monitored a dyeing process which takes place at 60C (140F) for a 60 minute reaction time; the steam-based heat exchanger of the un-insulated machine needed 24 heat-on cycles, whereas the Heat Shield™ machine’s heat-exchanger only needed 2 heat-on cycles. This proves that by proper insulation, heat losses are minimized; it also shows that oscillation of temperature is


With a Heat Shield™ coated dyeing machine, we have observed that the colour of fabric was surprisingly identical to one another, whereas in un- insulated machine, there is always a small difference in color.”

-Ahmet Turgut, Factory Manager, Erenko Tekstil

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Standout Results!

Heat Shield™ High Heat insulation coating was used to reduce steam consumption by proving an effective insulation for their dyeing machine and associated steam equipment. Energy was saved and they also saw an improvement in dye lot consistency.
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