Nevada Roof Energy Efficiency Testimonial

Nevada Residential CrystalShield™ | Roof Energy Efficiency Testimonial


Nevada, USA


High energy bills and hot climate


CrystalShield™ clear insulating and mold resistant roof coating

Coverage: 2 coats


  • Lowered electricity bill
  • Reduced heat coming through the roof into the home
  • Provides UV resistance, keeping the tiles from fading over time
  • 10 year warranty
5 Star Review

5 Star Review

Easy Roof Energy Efficiency with CrystalShield™

“I love this product, it does what is promised. I used CrystalShield, a roofing insulation coating for tile roofs. Living in Nevada can very hot and expensive. I’m very happy to see my electricity bill a lot lower. A few more months and it will be self paying.”


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