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New York Bungalow Residential Application – Attic Insulation

Looking for an alternate form of ceiling and attic insulation to increase cubic space in ceiling

– Customer Quote –

“I recently re-roofed my bungalow style house and added a skylight, ridge vents and soffit vents for a good ventilating air flow from the eaves to the peak. Inside I removed the old ceiling and attic insulation opening up part of the house with a “cathedral” ceiling and making a sleeping/ storage  loft over the rest. I sheathed the inside of the roof rafters with furniture grade birch plywood and sealed this with translucent HomeProtect™ .

This allowed me to maintain maximum ventilation for the roof ( as opposed to the foam air channel attachment were I to use traditional pink insulation) with an easier application and also maximizing the beauty of the birch wood grain . Having added a good amount of cubic space to the house, I am incredibly impressed with the insulation effects.

I witnessed just last night when we had our first frost here on long island and I was able to maintain an inside temperature of 68 degrees with only a small woodstove. The boiler never turned on  and it was set at 65 degrees.”

-Roy Kortick, artist, New York

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Standout Results!

EnergyProtect™ was chosen to insulate this home as an easy ceiling and attic insulation, resulting in a reduction in home energy costs. Heat was kept inside the home during the winter months. 

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